Welcome to the hosting services for Webs By Amy! You received this link from the “IMPORTANT: PLEASE KEEP” email. That email has information specific to your WordPress site and this section below has information about WordPress and hosting with Webs By Amy that is universal and also kept up to date.


Please use the support ticket system at www.websbyamy.com/support to log a request. Once you create a support profile and enter a ticket request, you can add your WordPress dashboard login security through it as well. Watch this video on how to do this.

I have a Knowledgebase that I am constantly adding to in order to aid you in helping yourself.

Premium support: You can read about my premium support plans here.


  • Blogging – your welcome letter has your WordPress Dashboard login
  • Email – your hosting comes with emails. If I set one up for you, your login to the mailbox on the web is at: https://server.websbyamy.com/webmail (your username is in your email and your password is in your welcome email).

    Go to this page for instructions on how to configure your mail to send/receive through Gmail, Outlook, Android and/or Apple mail. There is also troubleshooting articles and an article on creating new email addresses.