Customer Care Monthly Plans

Due to increased need for security and keeping your WordPress installation clean and secure, I have ‘managed’ hosting and automated updates included in your hosting benefits. I also offer more personalized hands-on management of your site.


*Benefit Details:

Vulnerability Updates:
We scan for realtime information regarding plugins that are potentially vulnerable and they are updated, deactivated or removed.

Sucuri Security Check
Make sure your site(s) are clean, and if any files become infected, the offending files/plugins/sources are removed.

Safe Updating
Before updating we automatically create a restore point for you, compare the website before and after the update, and will roll back the update if something goes wrong. Premium and Elite members will have the issue solved for them automatically and update continued without any downtime.

Performance Check
We will provide ongoing/monthly insight into what is happening with your website and how it’s performing. Core changes (upgrades), plugin additions and images added that aren’t optimized, all add to degraded performance of your site. We will help you keep on top of it and either suggest necessary changes (Premium) or make the changes for you (Elite).

Redundant Cloud Backups
All sites hosted by Webs By Amy, LLC are backed up, however in addition to regular backups on my server in Florida, I have offsite ‘cloud’ hosting of backups as an extra measure of security.

We will find, monitor and record your keywords. We have an SEO ranking tool that gives you all of the key metrics in one report sent to you monthly. It will show you your main competitors and gives you a timeline of how you rank, better or worse, and tracks your ranking position for you.

Google Analytics
All Google accounts that you need connected to Google Analytics in one report sent monthly. Keep track of all results.