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Your Domain Email Account

If I have set up email for you, you manage your email account very easily through your cPanel or directly via https://yourdomain.com/webmail. Your email will be your username, your password will be in the ‘Welcome’ email I sent you. Here’s a video on using your email account on the web: Step-by-Step: Manage your email in […]

Set up new email

This article covers how to create an email account in cPanel. For a quick tutorial, 1) Log in to your cPanel: https://yourdomain.com/cpanel (your welcome letter had your cPanel access, click here for cPanel access information). 2) Click on “Email Accounts” under the Mail section 3) Enter the email address you would like to create for […]

Configuring Email Clients

This is a guide to assist you with setting up your email address to function with your preferred email client. Additionally you can use this guide to verify that your email settings are correct. These settings are only for hosting clients with their webmail accounts on my server. Email account information that you will be […]

Can’t send email

Are you finding that you are receiving email but not able to send? Well, a big part of the equation is what email client you are using. Many people configure their mail through Outlook or their cell phone or other mail client–and properly configuring is so important. QUICK SELF-TEST to get your mail settings: Login to your WEBMAIL […]

Configuring Webmail with Gmail

You can configure your webmail with Gmail in a few simple steps (i.e., send/receive through your existing Gmail account).