Okay, how exciting! Let’s get you started. Fill out as much as you can and submit for me to get started on your site.

Consultant Homework

Fill out all of the required areas to enable me to get to work on configuring your site!
  • What domain is this in regard to?
  • Give me the best email for you (*not* associated with your domain), ex., Google email.
  • What email do you request to be associated with your domain, ex., yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Give me the URL of the company sponsored consultant site (ex., DBWS for SU demos)
  • Give me at least your FB business page; your Pinterest link; your Twitter, etc. All social media links.
  • Give me a short synopsis of your business offerings that Google will show at 'preview' on a search (get ideas from competitors).
  • Do you have a Google account? Create a free Analytics account at www.analytics.google.com and give me your Google login to connect your Wordpress blog to.
  • Do you have Facebook tracking code associated with your FB Business page? Get it free by clicking 'create an ad' from your business page. Follow instructions to get a 'pixel'. Paste it here or BETTER have it generated by FB and 'send to webmaster' to amy@websbyamy.com.
  • Do you have a signup form for your site (from your Constant Contact or Mailchimp account)? If you do, paste it here:
  • Please include any other information that I need to know to complete your project. If you don't have the information right now, let me know what you will be sending.
  • Give me a short "About Me" blurb for your contact page at least. Or give me the URL to a longer 'About Me'