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Just when you think all is secure, the internet builds a better hacker! You might see it as an annoyance, but nothing on the web these days are ‘set it and forget it’ and WordPress is no different.

WordPress is constantly evolving not only functionality, but also for security reasons. You personally need to stay on top of updating your own installation against hackers that would exploit security vulnerabilities and wipe out your site or inject malicious content that will co-op your site for their own purposes.

WordPress may auto-upgrade for incremental updates but major WordPress updates (ending in zero, i.e., 4.0, 5.0, etc.) have to be manually updated and just as important, the plugins need to be updated as well.

Frequent updates required of plugins may seem annoying to you but they require updates to remain compatible with updates of WordPress.

My hosting includes backups however local backups however if there is a major problem, restoration from a server backup will replace your entire site from a restore point, whereas if you make a backup with BackupBuddy, I can roll back only the changes made before your site had issues.

Watch this video tutorial on care and maintenance of your WordPress site:

NOTE: Mentioned in the video is backing up your site manually via cPanel. Click here for that video.


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