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Here’s a short tutorial about how to change your Facebook page name and ‘Username’ (i.e., URL).

For the most part, the mechanics of changing the name is easy, it is whether or not Facebook will allow it. If you have fewer than 100 followers and you’ve never customized a name/username for the page, you won’t have a problem. But the longer you’ve had the name set and if you’ve customized the username before, your changes might not take effect until Facebook reviews them and may be rejected.

So why might you not be allowed to change this information? Basically, from Facebook’s point of view, you’ve created a following based on the name and nature of the site and now you want to change the name (and possibly–to Facebook) the nature of the site. They don’t want you to create a community around Business A and then use that same community to now promote Business B. They want to protect your followers from ‘bait and switch’.

But wait! You aren’t doing that, you’re just rebranding–it’s the same business, right? Well Facebook won’t understand that. So, if your changes aren’t taken immediately, it will have been flagged for potentially changing your business that is established and it may take a day or so to get confirmation.

If you are rejected, you can appeal and give more information explaining clearly that only the branding has changed, not the nature of the business. You may have to do this a few times, however it is important that you be clear and be respectful of the process. I’ve absolutely seen people end up winning.

In any event,

Go to your Facebook page:

STEP 1: Navigate to your business page and click on ‘About’ in the left sidebar

STEP 2 – Navigate to ‘Name’ and click ‘Edit’

STEP 3 – Change the page name (following the instructions) and then click ‘Continue’

STEP 4 – On the ‘Username’ line, click on ‘Edit’

STEP 5 – Change the Username and click ‘Continue’

There are limitations on what you can change the username to and your choice may not be accepted immediately. You will receive a message saying something to the effect that ‘you will be notified’ if the change is accepted.

Even if the response you get back is a rejection, you can appeal. Remember to be very clear that the nature of the business is exactly the same, you are simply rebranding and be respectful of the process. You may be rejected a few times, but keep trying.


Questions? Concerns? Submit a trouble ticket at: www.websbyamy.com/support