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Are you finding that you are receiving email but not able to send? Well, a big part of the equation is what email client you are using. Many people configure their mail through Outlook or their cell phone or other mail client–and properly configuring is so important.

QUICK SELF-TEST to get your mail settings:

  1. Login to your WEBMAIL for your email. If you don’t remember where that is, go to
  2. Your ‘username’ is your full email
  3. Your ‘password’ is your email password (forgot it? You can change it again in your cPanel >email accounts)
  4. You will get to the three mail client choices. It doesn’t matter which you choose, they all collect emails, but if you send emails or create folders, those will stay on in the client you did it in.

Choose Roundcube, Horde or Squirrelmail (doesn’t matter).

Send an email to yourself-an email not associated with the domain–and if it sends from here and you receive it, the problem is not with the server, it is with the setting on your computer or mobile device.

The most common issue is with ISP’s who wish to control the outgoing Port # (we give suggested port #’s but some want you to use their outgoing server information and/or outgoing Port #.

This is an anti-spam measure on their part. Anyone can buy hosting and create emails and start sending spam, they are seeking to control that happening on their service, so don’t get annoyed at them!

If you are on a home computer using Outlook or Eudora, etc., contact your Internet Service Provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.). If you are on a mobile device, contact your cellular network support. They are familiar with this issue. This is mostly an issue with Apple products (iPhone and iPad).


If you still can’t even send from the server, then there is a problem. Put in a support ticket at www.ccare.websbyamy.com and be sure to include your email account name and password.