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First Blog Post – SU Demo

Whether you are brand new to blogging with WordPress or undergoing a ‘refresh’, you’ll want to absorb some of the new tips and SEO techniques for successful blogging on the site we are setting up for you. Map out your blog posts! Writing a good SEO friendly post, requires some forethought. I’m going to give […]

Photoshop Elements – Edit, Watermark & Optimize

Photoshop Elements– the power of Photoshop but with only the tools you need and without the price tag! Need a free option? If you want a free option, click here for the Paint.net tutorial (Windows Only) or click here for a BeFunky.com tutorial (online editing, Mac or Windows). Editing your images before you upload is […]

Edit & Watermark Your Photos With BeFunky

Resizing and watermarking your photos is an ABSOLUTE MUST. And I’m excited to have found an online solution that provides a free method to properly size and watermark a photo! My tutorial shows how to watermark with one that is already made, however if you do some digging in the program, you can create your […]

Editing & Watermarking a Photo in Paint.net for Blogging

Paint.net is a very powerful FREE image editing software.  Download it at www.GetPaint.net, install it and you are ready to go. Here are instructions to downloading it. Mac user or don’t want to have to download a program? CLICK HERE for a fabulous online program that has a great FREE version. Bloggers who thrive on […]