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Check out your stats with Awstats in cPanel

Your cPanel has a metric reporting application called Awstats.

You can access your cPanel via https://yourdomain.com/cpanel (your username and password is in your welcome email from me). If you can’t find it, or need the password reset, open a support ticket.

This tutorial will show you around the report… enjoy!

Backup Your Entire Hosting Installation (also for Move or Cancellation)

You can create a backup of your entire installation via your cPanel at any time. After creating that backup, you can download it to your computer and keep it in a safe place if you ever want to use this file again. Reasons you might want to do this: For extra ‘safety’ sake – you […]

Backing up your site

You can backup your entire installation (your WordPress, email, settings, etc.) with WebsByAmy by logging in to your cPanel account (this information was in the welcome email when I created your account). Watch this short video:

Accessing cPanel

You can access your cPanel at https://yourdomain.com/cpanel Your username and password were given to you in my welcome email to you. Open a support ticket to have this information regenerated. Watch this tour: Some of the cool things in your cPanel are: Create additional email accounts and/or manage the email accounts that you already have […]